Comhear (3D Audio)

Comhear seeks to transform the listening experience at work and at play by combining innovative audio technology with a passion for healthier audio.

Comhear is a research and development company in voice processing system and audio technologies. Technologies developed by Comhear increase immersive entertainment senses through originally close communications, just as you could touch sounds you hear.

Comhear is also an oem consumer electronics manufacturer of loudspeakers and earphones. Its products include enterprise microscope, Kiosk system manufacturers and integrators as well as game/ virtual reality platform.

By the revolutionary beam plastic technology of Comhear, we can largely increase audio and voice rticulation and can customize all advanced audio systems.

Combing Comhear products with KAP patent software, you can hear wider and more natural sounds and protect your hearing. Combined with the capability to learn how the brain processes sounds, this audio that will not damage your hearing helps products and solutions developed by Comhear effectively adapt to the environment and improve hearing experiences.