From December 2 to December 3 this year, Tian An Cyber ​​City welcomes you to the best multimedia immersion experience in the world to date.

You will enter a world of new worlds built with the most advanced immersive systems in the world. Thanks to science and new technologies, we have been able to rebuild the footprint of the universe and make you part of this great story. The size and age of the universe go beyond the general human perception. Our homeland, Earth, is lost between this vastness and eternity. But this time, you will be able to determine the destiny of our own planet and humanity.

Hyperspace, which is a virtual reality space using the world's top dynamic capture, is also a remarkable artistic achievement. It combines the best of virtual reality, computer graphics, motion capture, and zero latency spatial motion, audio and sensing technologies to create an unforgettable presence for the visitor's interaction with others in the virtual world. This is a complete multimedia immersive experience that takes travelers to another home.

The use of m3diate's Virtual Reality Network technology guide allows viewers not only to meet, chat, touch and interact with friends in the real world, but also to interact with more people through vast expanses of virtual space.