What is Global Cre8 Summit?

The International Year of Weekends is a joint effort by the government and all walks of life in Longgang Cyber City to invite entrepreneurs and professors to participate in the innovation and entrepreneurship activities in the world and to invite the world's most influential experts and professors to cover topics such as the future, science and technology, innovation, Creating experience, sharing, innovation salon, black technology market and other forms, to build a borderless innovation and entrepreneurship venture capital exchange platform.

ShenZhen China
12/02-12/03 2017
14 Heavy guests
500 Seat

2017 Global Cre8 Summit

The 2017 Global Cre8 Summit is comprised of 3 different kind of events: Keynote speeches, Expert Panels and Dark Tech Demonstrations

Guest salon
December 2 at 20 o'clock -22 o'clock
●  "The Future of VR" (Forum guests: Michael Naimark, Christian Grewell and team, Ken Perlin)
●  2017 Global Cre8 Summit Guest salon
Opening ceremony
12/03 Morning "2017 Global Cre8 Summit" opening ceremony
●  Opening ceremony: leader's speech
●  Guest Keynote
●  Kevin Kelly: Avoidance - Understanding the technological drivers that shaped our future
●  Forum: "The Future of Creation"
Dark Tech Demos
12/02 - 12/03 Longgang Tianan-Cyber Park Old Hall
(open to the public throughout the day during the event)
●  The world's best multimedia immersion experience so far
●  Hyperspace: Take you to witness the evolution of the universe
●  Dynamic Capture VR

See the future

12/02-12/03 "2017 Global Cre8 Summit"held in Shenzhen Longgang Tian An Cyber City. With the theme of "in the future", the activity is wonderful, rich and participatory, attracting well-known scientists, scholars, professors and creators from Greater China and Japan.

S.Alex Ruthmann

Kevin Kelly

Michael Naimark

Nan Cao

Christine Looser

Adam Brandenburger

Sina Farzaneh

Christian Grewell

Joseph Zhou

Graham Fink

Trevor L. Hawkins

Yoav Shoham

Ken Perlin

Xiaoyu Wang

Kadalla Burrowes

Touch the magic of
dark technology at close range