2016 Global Cre8 Summit

The 2016 Global Cre8 Summit is comprised of 3 different kind of events: Keynote speeches, Expert Panels and Dark Tech Demonstrations

Keynote and Panels

Meet our multidisciplinary, multinational speakers

Theme 1: Foresee・The Future Beyond Horizon

Theme 2 : Foresee・A World of Globalized Innovation

Theme 3: Foresee・The Impossible Creatures﹣Robotics & Virtual Reality

Theme 4: Foresee・Emperor’s New World-Cognitive Science & A.I.

Dark Tech Demos

Touch the magic of dark technology at close range

MIT Media Lab


Mediate (VR/AR)


Lyra (Music VR)

Realiteer (mobile interactive VR gaming)

Comhear (3D Audio)

NYU Media Research Lab

Joy & Smart DIY Studio

The activities of "I am a Small Maker"

The stump garden with clay

Small electronic engineer

Jump! Breadboard robot!

The three-dimensional space of the corrugated paper

Sky UAV Competition | 3D Intelligent Making | Green Power Organ | Robot Soccer Competition

Dark Tech Demos

From May 23 - 24, 2015, the "Global Cre8 Summit" was held at Tian-an Cyber Park in Longgang District, Shenzhen, China and acclaimed by the media as a runaway success

Panel Discussion

Three panels of discussion: Future Tech, Education on Innovation and Maker's Industrial Chain, during which 19 key experts from the US, Israel, Japan and China shared their respective views; 3,000 audience attended the event

Maker Bazaar

The International Makers Exhibition attracted 5 international maker teams (from Berkeley, Stanford and MIT) and 80 local teams (from Shenzhen and all China). More than 5,000 people joined the exhibition and interacted with the teams, including teachers, students and parents

Creative Show

Creative Performances, such as paper plane folding, robot show, Creative hip-hop culture show, live music performance, maker salon, etc. attracted 3,000 people participating

2015 Global Cre8 Summit

From May 23 to 24, 2015, the large-scale summit of global maker, technology and innovation education-"Global Cre8 Summit" was successfully held in Longgang Tian-an Cyber Park in Longgang District and the event received high attention from the media at home and abroad, leaving a positive influence in the field of maker education, innovation education, etc.


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