Chief Technology Officer of BGI
Topic: Sharing Ideas in Science
Fang Xiaodong, part-time assistant professor of Chinese University of Hong Kong, a leading talent at national level, successively participates and hosts many kinds of international cooperation programs, such as, Project 1000 Genomes, Ten Thousand Kinds of Vertebrates, Five Thousand Species of Insect Genomes, “Chinese Number One”, Panda, Rhesus Monky, Global Underground Rat and other genome projects, participates in 9 scientific research tasks at national, provincial and municipal levels, publishes more than 20 articles on Nature, Science and other international issues, obtains 3 patents and 3 software copyrights.
Professor Fang Xiaodong is good at analysis of bioinformatics and big data of medical science, has very high academic influence in Chinese genomics and bioinformatics fields and issues, as the first author, a series of original results on international leading academic journals, such as, Nature, Science, Nat Genet.

+86 0755 89911111