Trevor L. Hawkins

As the past Director of the Human Genome Project for DOE, Dr. Trevor L. Hawkins has built a recognized career in the healthcare industry over the past 25 years spanning business, academic innovation and as an entrepreneur. Dr. Hawkins currently serves on several boards in the healthcare arena focusing on new technology and innovative solutions. Previously he has held several senior executive roles, as Chief Strategy Officer of Siemens Diagnostics, as Chief Scientific Officer of Royal Philips Electronics focusing on healthcare, CEO of Philips Molecular Healthcare business unit, CEO of GE’s Molecular diagnostics business and President of Amersham’s Genomics business. He was also Chairman & CEO of ProGenTech, a privately held company based in Shanghai & San Francisco. Dr. Hawkins invented SPRI, Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization – the magnetic bead nucleic acid isolation method that was used extensively as the sample prep method for the Human Genome Project. The SPRI patent remains as one of the most important in the field of magnetic bead use for life sciences and diagnostics. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles on automation, genomics, human diseases and the human genome project.

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